R-ERP For Manufacturing
Our Manufacturing ERP solution is build keeping in mind requirements of specific industries, market challenges and processes followed by different manufacturing industries. Regel Systems’s ERP solution is a prominent multi-tasker that can plan and manage all the processes seamlessly. Our ERP solution is flexible;highly scalable and uses user friendly modules that incorporate easily in any kind of Manufacturing Industry.

The unique features of our Manufacturing ERP Solution are,

Workstation Management
This feature enables the user to completely manage and schedule workstation and flow of goods. It offers well organized product development cycle as well. User can also monitor the progress of all the processes conducting during the manufacturing process.
OEM and Aftermarket Management
This feature provides optimum customer satisfaction by managing Productive Material Resource Planning. It also helps to give controlled and error proof production resulting in better customer service.
  • Product development cycle is shortened.
  • Timely delivery, lesser lead times, and improved supplier ratings.
Sales and Dealer Management
This feature helps you to track different dealers and distributors according to their geographic locations, models, etc. You can also track sales requirements of various dealers and distributors. You can also plan and modify sales pattern.
Inventory and Raw Material Management
With this feature you can manage inventory required during production to avoid wastage and excess use of material.
  • Get insights on criticality, consumption pattern and inventory of your finished products, raw materials and work-in-progress items
  • Gain greater inventory turnover visibility. Track inventory to balance cost of inventory with benefits
  • Control variances and ensure inventory integrity. Make informed decisions
  • Get past reports regarding the price.
Quality Management
  • Keep master data of specifications and standards for testing
  • Automate testing and reduce processing time
  • Ensure quality control in all stages of procurement and production
  • Quality products at reduced and effective cost.
  • More and enhanced production rate.
  • Increased and improved customer satisfaction.
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