Catering Management System
The Catering Management System will help to sort out different challenging aspects of managing a catering business. By increasing the level of reporting, you can see if there are any loopholes and take action much more quickly. The speed and accuracy of access we have to data is one of the key benefits of our Catering Management Solution.
  • Resource Management
    This feature can effectively and efficiently manage, assign and deploy all the resources including financial resources, inventory, human resources, production resources or any information. You can also check shortage of resources and gives warnings if any conflict occurs.
  • Catering and Beverage Management
    Whether you are managing a catering service at your own venue or other venues, and even catering deliveries, this will allow you to effectively organize and provide your services. With this feature it is very easy to create configurations of beverage package that you will include in catering is easy.
  • Staff Management
    This feature will make easy for you to deploy the staff where required. It also includes important information such as the number of personnel, the designated and required skills.
  • Booking Management
    This feature would allow you to save time by automating all the processes of inquiries and reservation tasks. You can give immediate quotations, booking forms, handle modifications and even cancellations. This feature also allows you to avoid conflicts in the schedule when booking guest with the up-to-date booking system. You can also manage payment transaction in easier and faster way with the integrated online payment system.
  • Safe Data Storage
    This feature will help you to secure the data of your customers and clients as well as your business, as it locked with password and can be opened using authorized password only.
  • Package Management
    Having this feature gives you the ability to create packages that are right for the price. You can collect all the information that other modules generate and use it as a basis for creating packages that are both beneficial to you and your customers.
  • Invoicing and Payments
    You can create monthly or periodic invoices with ease, whenever you need them. This module is also integrated with other modules hence it uses the information they generate and automatically create invoices.
  • Sales Management
    This feature keeps you aware of the market opportunities. Giving you targets and tracking down leads to convert into clients. The integration that this module has with other modules allows it to be more precise in giving you the ideal market to work with. The key in doing that is its ability to analyze inquiries, reports, and transactions data.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    It includes communication logs, inquiries, past transactions, customer feedbacks, emails, and social media.
  • Mobile Feature
    With this feature you can handle all the operations remotely using your android device.
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