Clinic Management System
Our Clinic Management System effectively integrates all activities involved in running of a clinic, at the same time helping you to make your clinic paperless. The system involves effective maintenance of all the three major departments like medical, administrative and financial.
Patient Management
Appointment Scheduler, this feature enables the front desk personnel to fixed an appointment for the patient. Using the appointment scheduler you can also sent appointment reminders, immunization visits, next scheduled visit, etc via SMS or mail. You may also record patient data systematically for proper diagnosis and treatment. You may also check and track referrals received from other doctors, labs, etc. It also allows you to generate complete patient report with diagnosis reports, ongoing treatments reports, medical prescriptions, etc.
Administration Management
Staff plays very important role in running administration of clinic effectively. You may customize staff roles as needed and assign system access rights as per requirement. You can also manage complete inventory including drugs and medicine required. You can connect all practice locations seamlessly. Also you may set reminders for events, meetings, appointments, visits, etc.
Financial Management
This feature generates automated standardized bills and receipts. This can help to keep an eye over complete financial transaction. It also helps you to track daily collection and generate reports based on daily and monthly collection.
Patient Relationship Management
The system allows you to stay in touch with your patients. You may send birthday wishes as well as wish the patients on special occasions. You can also send SMS or mails related to educational material, etc.
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