e-Learning Software
E-learning of various kinds offers a way switch to a demand-driven paradigm, putting clients – students and potential employers – in the driver’s seat, and so reducing costs dramatically, while enhancing relevance. A key advantage of e-learning is that it has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction. Because of the speed and ease in which e-learning is delivered, the costs of learning and development for an organisation are drastically reduced.
There are the immediate cost-effective gains of elearning in terms of reducing training time as well as cost-effective savings in terms of trainers, course materials, travel and accommodation. However, it is equally important to highlight that elearning, when done right, can also improve an organisation’s profitability.

Let’s see the features of e-learning Software
  • Course Creation
    This feature helps users to create and build videos and material and adding the same to the software.
  • Skills/Certification Tracking
    Skills and certification tracking is one of the most important features for of our e-learning solution. With this tracking you can measure the performance and improvement as well as course completion of any student. This feature can increase user compliance by making your completed and pending certifications available via a single exportable spreadsheet. Tracking skills learned and certifications completed also gives you the power to report on learners progress, showing the immediate return on your efforts.
  • Mobile Learning
    It’s surprising to learn that some folks don’t have a computer at home, but a helpful way around this pitfall is mobile-ready learning. Our solution features mobile capabilities, including responsive design or native mobile apps. Learners can participate in training from any location using whatever device they own. This is especially helpful for certifications that require learning outside of the work day, or for distributed teams where learning can occur between calls or visits.
  • Asynchronous Learning
    This is one of the best features for improving engagement and knowledge retention where learners can complete course work at their own pace. This means they don’t have to be present at a set time for a lecture or to talk with an instructor. The feature of combining videos, online readings, messaging, and question/answer forums where students can engage with the material at their own pace and on their own timelines helps promote buy-in and improve return.
  • Video Conferencing
    Students who need one-on-one attention or have complicated questions can communicate with this feature available with us.
  • Social Learning/ Message Boards/Discussion Forums
    This feature helps learners to learn from one another. This not only enhances the learning process, but is a great way to reduce strain on trainers. By adding messaging boards and social learning features, students can ask and answer questions in a forum setting.
  • e-Commerce and Subscriptions
    With this feature user can target wider audience. Learner can make one-time-payment, or go for monthly subscription. In short, user can add subscription course to bring in recurring income.
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