Hospital Management System
Regel Systems’s Hospital Management System is aimed at simplifying day to day medical activities. Different departments are involved in managing complete hospital and our software is designed considering all the departments. Our system is very helpful for doctors where they can effectively manage student database, their reports, appointments as well as convenient for other departments like laundry, inventory, food department, lab maintenance, blood bank department, emergency department, payroll maintenance, etc.
The major modules it contain are
Patient Management
This module helps the hospital staff to keep accurate record of the number of in-patients, out patients, availability status of beds, scheduling of appointments, consultation, maintenance of diagnosis reports and various patient related reports.
Staff and administration Management
This module covers different aspects including maintenance of staff records, staff payroll system, pharmaceutical department, maintenance of inventory, etc.
Doctors Management
This system allows you to effectively manage all the records related to doctors. The system will provide a forum for the senior as well as junior doctors so that they can consult with each other online. It will be of great help for the doctors, surgeons and practice students to keep track of their activities and schedules as well as it will save a lot of time of users since they can consult, communicate and share information online.When different doctors work on a single case, all the records as well as diagnostic reports can be shared so that other doctors can access the data and determine their course of treatment accordingly. Medical tests and report status can be easily accessed and so on.
Other Features
  • The system keeps track of all the laboratory records and pathology lab records. The maintenance also include purchasing and billing of equipment, etc.
  • If some patients are kept on the prescribed diets then it will be informed to the department automatically. Also it keeps track of all the other activities related to this department.
  • Since the hospital has a large number of patients coming in and out everyday hence there is a large overhead on laundry department also. The system keeps track of different activities in this department and will notify to the user regarding information online and will also keep track of the inventory.
  • There are some emergency services related to the hospital such as ambulance and organ donation, blood donation, etc. The system keeps track of all these activities online and will prepare detail reports of these activities.
  • The system keeps track of the different critical patients and operation performed. Special reports will be maintained for the patients in ICU and the records of the operationsperformed on them will be maintained. The extra charges and special allowances charged to patients in this category will also be taken care of.
  • All the disciplines of hospital such as Gynecologist, Orthopedic etc. will be properly co-ordinate by the system through a common channel and a specialized interface so that there will be proper communication between these entities.
  • The entire billing system for the patient will be automatically created. It will include the expenses of all kind and in the end when the patient gets a discharge the entire bill will be generated automatically. The bill will contain all the expenses, which should be charged to the patient for the period for which he was admitted to the hospital. Out Patient Billing is also taken care-of.
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