Online Test Engine
Our Online Test Engine software automates all phases of assessment like test preparation, scheduling, delivering and reporting. It is web based application and therefore there is nothing to install. You can use it on unlimited devices and access it anytime and from anywhere. The advantages of Regel’s Online Test Engine over traditional pen and paper based examinations are
Reduced Costs
Faster Decision Making
Scoring Efficiency
Controlled Test
Unbiased Test Administration and Reliability
The administrator has all the facilities to control, conduct, monitor tests. In addition to the monitoring and controlling feature administrator maintain all the necessary information regarding students and the assessments taken. The detail facilities are mentioned below:
  • Manage and search existing and former students using various filters like student Id, Student name, contact no, email id, registration date, etc.
  • Authenticate students and provide them login credentials.
  • Create tests by adding test category. The test can be of single section or multiple section
  • Admin can edit, delete, modify test.
  • Set, edit, modify expiry dates for the test.
  • Facility to create free/paid tests.
  • Facility to add negative marking scheme
  • Create multiple sets by shuffling questions.
  • Create tests packages by combining multiple tests for particular exams.
  • Assign test to single or multiple authenticated and registered students.
  • Easy uploading of tests using excel sheets.
  • Can add true/false type questions, fill in the blanks type questions, numerical type questions.
  • Facility to take printout of questions.
  • Add sectional cutoff to tests.
  • View result of the student using various filters like date of test, test name, type of test (free/paid)
  • View individual student result.
  • Facility to check papers manually for numerical type questions.
  • Print student’s results.
Payment Gateway Integration, SMS and EMAIL
Our Online Test Engine system is integrated with payment gateway option. Not only is this, but SMS and Email options also integrated in the system.
  • Templates for creating certificates
  • Auto generation of certificates and emailing to candidate.
  • View and edit profile facility.
  • Upload photo facility.
  • Search attempted test
  • View results according to test, section.
  • View graphical marks analysis, sectionwise question analysis, aggregate marks analysis, overall marks analysis.
  • View answey keys and description with pdf and video format.
  • Student can generate hall ticket according to session allotted for exam.
  • Facility to generate score card.
  • Section wise question analysis graph
  • Section wise marks analysis graph
  • Aggregate marks analysis
  • Comparitive marks analysis
  • View percentile and time taken to complete the test
Merit List Maker
We have developed a customizable rule based engine to enable institutions to create a merit list of successful candidates for any examination. This ensures a completely transparent, efficient and reliable selection process free from any error.
  • Rules based engine to configure the criteria
  • Bulk upload of candidate data and marks
  • Publishing of results on web site
  • Integrates with the registration and examination systems to provide end to end, registration to merit list, functionality.
Remote Proctoring
The solution is available on the Cloud, reducing investment for the Institution and further giving them the latest technologies on the go. By using this feature you can monitor exam remotely without physically present.
  • Initiate live chat with candidate appearing for the examination
  • Pause exam of remote candidate in case if it is found that candidate is cheating during the exam.
  • Live streaming view of the candidate during exam in order to check the authenticity of the candidate.
  • Custom set allowed testing locations by IP address. Easily block everyone else.
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