Project Management
Project Management is the art of balancing competing objectives, managing risk and overcoming constraints to deliver successfully a product, which meets the needs of both clients and the users. We employ mature project management processes, techniques, tools and people, thus providing a management framework required to execute a wide range of project types. Our Project Managers and their team follow the roadmap to accomplish projects.
Project Initiation
This is the initial stage where our efficient project mangers determine initial scope identification, estimations, contract, resource planning and team build up, formal project kickoff, establishing the overall project structure, standards, expectations, team and approach.
Project Planning
It involves identifying the cost, quality, available resources, and a realistic timetable. The project plans also includes establishing baselines or performance measures. At this stage, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, so everyone involved knows what they are accountable for.
Project Execution
This is the phase where deliverables are developed and completed. During this phase various tasks are completed like developing team, assign resources, execute plans, set up tracking systems, task assignments, status meetings, update project schedule, modify project plans if needed.
Project Performance/Monitoring
This stage is all about measuring project progression and performance and ensuring that everything happening aligns with the project management plan.
Project Closure
This stage ensures project completion in an orderly fashion, as per the client specifications, project scope, time and cost. Formal Project/Phase closure is done after user acceptance and conducting project retrospectives.
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