Restaurant Management System
Regel Systems Restaurant Management System works in a browser and no installation is required. It provides comprehensive suite of restaurant billing and management solutions. There are many advantages of the system, few of them are State of the art technology, cost-effective and flexible pricing benefits, offline support, round-the-clock tech support, on-demand add-ons, in-depth and real-time reports. Our software is made to address problems related to different areas of restaurant operations, which range from order taking, table booking, stock and inventory, menu and recipes, customers, restaurant staff, preparation, dispatch and delivery, payments and many more.
Point Of Sale
  • This feature allows to view the seating arrangements in the system like reserved, vacant, occupied, unclean, unsettled status of the tables.
  • Allocate table to the waiter and re-direct table to another waiter facility.
  • DELIVERY -With the feature of built-in map generation, you can fetch customer’s address and route the driver for easy deliveries.
  • Manage “Take Away” orders easily.
  • The kitchen receives the order instantly in the Kitchen Display System.
  • Displays all the current, pending and served orders on the screen
Menu Management
  • Create and manage multiple menus.
  • Add, edit, delete individual menu items, item groups, item modifiers for each item.
  • Manage and modify each item ordered as per the guest request and create various combos.
  • Set different rates and taxes for different items while adding up to 5 different rates for an individual item.
  • Add taxes in the system
  • Set different rates of happy hours and prices which automatically change as per set day, date and even time.
Customize Reports
  • Summary of all the transactions of your outlet such as number of sales, customer visit, tax applied, void billing, etc.
  • Monthly and hourly sales number along with the top items that were sold the most during a day.
  • Waiter, computer and operator wise sales report.
  • Register purchase entry and purchase return entry report.
  • Raw material consumption report
  • Stock summary report.
  • Providing you with the statistics of all your outlets in terms of revenue.
Inventory Management
  • Check and manage real time inventory and ingredient levels in stock room.
  • Updation of stock and inventory as per consumption level.
  • Manually edit and update stock.
  • Set stock levels by setting item wise minimum and maximum level.
  • Alerts system facility if the item is overstocked or understocked.
  • Add, update, edit, delete ingredient items.
  • Manage and add purchase details like vendor name, cost, item name, etc.
Billing Operations
  • Split bills as per customer’s request.
  • Multiple payment options of Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card and Loyalty/Reward Points.
  • Option of bill editing or exempting a particular tax from any bill.
Remote Administration
  • Easy synchronization of sales receipts, order indents, purchase order, menu items and store items.
  • Manage and even perform all the key operations of all your outlets like push the menu items, or other menu item updates from single location.
Comprehensive Feedback Management
  • Built-in customer feedback management tool to listen to customers’ feedback and expectations.
  • Item wise feedback from customers
  • Separate rating system for all aspects of the restaurant such as ambiance, food, service etc.
  • Alert on negative review.
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