Restaurant Management System
Every restaurant, whether small, medium-sized, or large, will benefit greatly by switching from manual restaurant management processes to automated or software-based ones. The basic task of good restaurant management software is to make everyone’s job easier so that they can complete their tasks perfectly, ensuring quality and speed of the service.
  • Employee Management
    The restaurant management system allows you to effectively manage all kind of employee data including contact details, contracts and pay slips. You can also update availability of staff, make time off requests, book and swap shifts which contribute to a successful employee management.
  • Inventory Control
    By using this feature you can control inventory required in restaurant. You can easily predict the amount of food it needs to purchase and how much to prepare to avoid wastage. This can be done using proper stock overview.
  • Sales Tracking
    Our highly effective solutions maintain and track all sales down to the last penny including high volumes of cash and credit cards on daily basis. Not only cash flow, but the owners and managers can also identify the most popular item on menu and the least desired item. So they can adjust menu accordingly.
  • Financial Reports
    The solution simplifies the final reports like profit and loss statements, tax statements and so on. All the necessary figures can be accessed instantly through the system saving lots of time and effort.
  • Point of Sale Security
    The solution enhances security at point of sale because without the authorized password it would be impossible for any employee to mess with customer checks. This not only helps curb employee theft, but it also stops employees from giving unauthorized discounts to family and friends.
  • Off-site Control
    The restaurant owner or manager will be able to monitor inventory usage, sales, employee management and other crucial processes remotely. This will allow the owners to identify and address problems quickly even when you are not in the vicinity.
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