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At Regel we understand the challenges small, medium and large businesses face. All businesses expect timely services for a low cost. With the plethora of low-investment, transaction priced cloud software offerings on the market, you have your choice of good software with a low price tag. However, you still face the tough challenge of integrating these offerings into complete solutions for your specific business at a cost you can afford. Together, the suite of products with Regel's service offerings and tools are able to bring complete solutions to the customers of tomorrow.
Regel has over 10 years of experience making small companies successful through delivering software development services to many of start-ups and small companies. This coupled with our product development expertise and technology solutions allows us to bring more than just a software implementation. At Regel, we are able to engage in a dialogue with you on your entire enterprise needs. We understand that customers need trusted technology advisors that can develop solutions that are tailored to both their growth stage and their specific business.
We take a holistic view of your business, suggesting Salesforce products and complimentary Regel services such as Mobility and Analytics that can help take your company to the next level.
We provide innovative solutions which tie different Salesforce products together that enable enterprises to:

Formulate use cases, governance frameworks, adoption strategies and business integration plans

Adapt communication and business processes as per their changing needs

Respond quickly to customer conversations on social media

Tap into tacit knowledge among employees

Build rich business networks with partners
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