Scrum Model
Scrum is the other agile software development method that we use for development at Regel Systems. It is an iterative incremental process with clear guidelines, practices to be followed, and predefined roles. The Scrum Software development model initiates with an ephemeral planning, conference and completes with a concluding review. This growth methodology is used for prompt development of software that happens to include a series of iterations to generate required software. It is a perfect approach because it effortlessly brings on track the deliberate progressing projects.
The main roles in Scrum are:
Scrum Master
Similar to a project manager and responsible for maintaining the processes
Product Owner
represents the stakeholders
All the developers
The method has incremental completion periods called sprints, the periodicity of which is decided by the team. Each sprint creates an increment of usable software. The Product Owner tells the team of the items in the product backlog during the sprint planning meeting. The team analyzes and decides how much of this backlog can be committed for the next sprint. Once the sprint is completed, we get a usable increment of software which is demonstrated to the client.
We find Scrum a beneficial method for you because of its empirical approach – accepting that the entire solution you need cannot be fully and accurately defined at the start of the project itself. Instead, the focus is on maximizing our team’s ability to deliver fast and respond quickly to your changing requirements. As the project completes, you get exactly you want now, instead of what you thought you wanted at the start of the project.
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