A right Retail Software for your store will give the business a new level of control over operations; increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and will help it fine-tune its business model. The wrong system, however, can be a waste of money, time and a source of frustration.Usually retailers often purchase software that is not intended for their industry. This confusion mainly arises due to wide range of software available in market with wide range of features. For example, a gift shop has much different needs than a car dealer and a liquor store doesn’t need the same software as a clothing store. Regel Systems’s Retail Software covers all features required for a retail store to carry out its functions easily.
Comprehensive Inventory Tracking
Our Supermarket Management Software System makes the inventory management process effortless. The manager or the concerned person is able to monitor all the critical information about the store from individual purchases to individual transactions. This helps ordering from vendors easy and no time will get wasted in calculating the re-order value.
CRM and Loyalty
The CRM and loyalty module in the system help to track customer information using various filters. It also helps them to detect which products customer purchase frequently and hence easier for them to place order. The reward points and loyalty feature helps to increase the sales in long term.
Fast Checkout Facility
Our Supermarket Software makes the checkout system very faster and easier. It is taking very less time for a sales team to carry out transaction and hence the system to work faster.
Fine Reporting Tools
Our system’s reporting feature is very user friendly. It store information such as product styles or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales and hourly transactions.
Multistore Management Facility
Our solution facilitates you remotely monitor branch wise sales, purchase, inventory, receivables, profits, customer feedbacks, etc. Completely control all the operations sitting at central location. Get complete business analysis of each branch with different reports.
Effective Purchase Management
The easy to create and manage purchase order list, easy to view supplier wise outstanding reports, easy to track rates, payments, etc makes our system robust and first choice of retailers.
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