Supermarket Software
We provide a software which lets you handle out of the stock scenarios with efficient inventory management, re-order, expiry, returns, etc. We have a well integrated financial accounting. Let’s see the features in detail,
Inventory Management
  • Manage inventory according to brand, group and category.
  • View and manage item wise gross profit.
  • Create and manage party-wise price structure for items/groups.
  • Create multiple price lists of items.
  • Process sales and purchase order.
  • View inventory using various filters like batch, MRP, size, shade, reference no, serial no, etc.
Bill Management
  • Create and manage multiple rates, price list and discount.
  • Create customize price list using formula
  • Facility to accept cash, credit card, coupon, gift vouchers, part-cash, part-card payments.
  • Facility to create split invoice
  • Facility to export and import bills.
  • Provision to make counter sale entry
Invoice Printing
  • VAT invoicing and tax.
  • Tax inclusive, exclusive and MRP billing.
  • Add multiple taxes in single invoice.
  • Manufacturing/Trading excise invoice.
  • Create export invoice and packaging slip
Multistore Management Facility
Our solution facilitates you remotely monitor branch wise sales, purchase, inventory, receivables, profits, customer feedbacks, etc. Completely control all the operations sitting at central location. Get complete business analysis of each branch with different reports.
Additional Features
  • Single and multi user facility
  • 100% data accuracy and security.
  • Supplier, customer and personal directory.
  • Telephone book, envelope and label printing
  • Customized hot keys for switching functions.
  • Monthly calendar on dashboard, home delivery notifications, etc.
  • Self backup facility.
  • Sale/purchase, bank ledger date wise report.
Purchase Management
  • Create and manage purchase order.
  • View supplier wise outstanding reports and reminders for the same.
  • View last deals at the time of purchase to cross check rate deal, discount, tax and cost.
  • Facility to print barcode and label from purchase bill.
  • Print purchase reports and purchase bills.
Discount And Schemes
  • Create and manage item wise double purchase discounts.
  • Create and manage item wise double volume discounts
  • Create different discount schemes.
  • Create data wise schemes, like quantity wise rates and discounts.
  • Create party-wise discounts.
CRM And Loyalty
  • Facility to add customer details including personal details.
  • Facility to group customers according to the purchase frequency.
  • Facility to reward customers with loyalty points.
  • Facility to send SMS, birthday greetings, gift vouchers and coupons.
  • Facility to add hourly offers and day wise offers.
Accounting Features
  • Single & double entry method, all types of voucher entries such as journal, contra, receipt, payment, etc .
  • Flexible user-interface for entering opening balance for customers, suppliers & other ledger accounts.
  • Easy generation of financial statements like Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Generate Cash & Fund flow, Statutory reports and file VAT without extra effort.
  • Complete cheque management, deposit, bounce, represent & post dated cheque tracking, issue management along with cheque printing facility and many more.
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