Waterfall Model
Regel Software Development team follows this methodology for development as any software development proceeds from one phase to the next step in a purely sequential manner or way. It is a sequential model, used to create different kinds of software, where project development is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of software development requirements analysis, UI design, software implementation, project verification, and software maintenance.

The most important advantage of the waterfall idea is that it allows for departmentalization and managerial control. In the common practice a schedule with deadlines for each phase of project development is made and a product can proceed through the process of developing under the created schedule.
It puts solid requirements on the project documentation (design documents and requirements specs) as well as the source code. And if any of team members left the project less knowledge would be lost in comparison to a project with less designed and documented methodologies.
Waterfall development model implies that a fully working design document should be present, so that a new team member or even the entire new team will easily familiarize themselves with a project by reading the documents.
Following Water Methodology in development process leads to the project being delivered on time because of detailed plan for each phase created previously.
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